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3GRC Platform

Risk and compliance management can mean assessing a third party, a user, a business unit or an asset. The 3GRC approach means that, regardless of who you are assessing, we consider it an entity and apply the same workflow to capture information, filter noise and drive positive change. We believe that gaining visibility and context is the first step before making a decision. Rather than limit visibility to one type of entity, we want to empower our clients to make informed decisions with as much context as possible. Our platform and approach allows clients to manage dependencies and relationships, providing the full picture. Entities can be clustered into both internal or external groupings, with seamless connections between each other.

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The 3GRC platform provides a comprehensive risk and compliance methodology which can be leveraged to deliver automated workflows centrally. Our approach feeds into Procurement, HR, InfoSec and Legal processes. By leveraging our methodology, our clients have achieved an average improvement of 41% operational efficiency based on the resources allocated in 2016, factoring in the time saved conducting assessments. Our approach allows configurable automation through risk identification and assessment logistics.

Survey Templates

The easy to use survey-based format which 3GRC employs captures information with minimal effort, from the responder and reviewer alike. The platform includes a library of over 50 pre-defined assessments with content to address GDPR, ISO 27001, FCA, the Modern Slavery Act and more. The library is regularly updated as compliance requirements change and new regulations are defined. Clients have the ability to amend and tailor assessments to meet their exact needs, or create their own from scratch. Once created, clients can then schedule their surveys with supplier notifications and automated reassessments.

Automated Risk Registers

Once a survey has been completed, a risk register is automatically generated, filtering out any unnecessary noise. By automating the risk register we give you visibility and control of all your partners and suppliers that receive and handle your potentially sensitive information. Your entire risk profile can be viewed in our centralized live reporting section and reports can be downloaded and exported.

Mitigation tools

The 3GRC platform has built in discussion tools allowing you to communicate with your suppliers easily to manage and mitigate risks. These tools can be used to capture and audit conversations, record estimated completion dates and match documentation or evidence against your risks.

Cloud collaboration tools

Compliance should be an ongoing process, managed and monitored on a continuous basis. With annual audits, organisations apply significant effort to achieve best practice compliance. Momentum tends to soon slip until the next audit, which can leave you exposed to the threat of non-compliance. The 3GRC platform features our cloud-based collaboration tools which allow you to manage continuous compliance activities on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis as required.


Through our entity workflow methodology, we have successfully delivered a broad range of business benefits for our clients, including coverage of:

  • Third-party risk management
  • GDPR
  • Data mapping
  • Modern Slavery
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Whistle Blowing
  • ISO 27001
  • Business Continuity
  • Cyber Essentials

Ready for enterprise

We built the 3GRC platform using the latest enterprise technology. Our cloud ready solution uses Amazon Web Services to automatically scale so you don’t need to worry about servers, security or capacity as your usage grows.

AES 256-bit Encryption

Data in our solution is encrypted by AES 256-bit at rest and in-transit.

Scalable Solution

Our solution is designed to scale automatically as your business and processes grow.

Federated Databases

Rest easy knowing your data is stored securely in separate federated databases.

Tested & Secure

We take security seriously, our solution is regularly Penetration Tested.

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