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3GRC is a leading global provider of third party risk and compliance services. Our Risk Management portal combined with our expert GRC services, help our customers enhance transparency, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. Our customers span the globe and cover a wide range of industries including Finance, Banking, Insurance, Media, Retail and Legal. Privately funded and Founded on a heritage of 60 years experience in the competitive and highly risk adverse information security sector, 3GRC employs experts covering the EMEA, ASIA Pacific & North American regions.

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The importance of knowing your third party

All companies and organizations are at risk from the intentional or unwitting actions of third parties, both in terms of indirect liability and the reputational damage that can be incurred by association. All organisations rely on a range of partners and suppliers in order to deliver their core services. These external parties receive and handle a range of potentially sensitive information from your company? Which means there is a possible lack of visibility and control over how this data is being handled. This in turn raises the risk of inadvertent data security breaches and of non-compliance; if the third party does not have the appropriate controls in place to safeguard your data.

Ensuring partners and suppliers manage your information securely is a significant challenge. Done manually, it can be enormously time-consuming to survey each third party with which an organisation works, compile a risk register for each party, manage them to minimize those potential risks and provide audit reports for senior stakeholders. As such, few companies ever achieve complete risk management across their ecosystem of third party relationships.

Centralise risk process into a fully audited portal

Currently, many organisations are assessing their third parties through the use of spreadsheet based questionnaires, sent back and forth to their supply chain. 3GRC pre-populates the portal with a number of standard surveys created by our GRC consultancy team and based on Industry best practice. Our Global Template library continues to grow and currently includes:

  • Anti Bribery and Corruption
  • Modern Slavery Act 2014
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Data Protection Act (DPA)
  • IS27001
  • ISO22301
  • GDPR
  • ISO18001 - Operational Health and Safety (OHSAS)
  • ISO9001 – Quality Control
  • ISO30001 Risk Management
  • Cyber Essentials
  • Sarbanes – Oxley (SOX) Risk Management
  • Standard Supplier on boarding Questionnaire

Centralise risk process into a fully audited portal

The Risk Management Portal by 3GRC centralizes the third party risk management process, improving efficiency and the reducing cost of managing supplier risk identification. The streamlined and intuitive interface combined with the automated workflow approach reduces unnecessary effort, standardises responses and provides audit trails and compliance reporting.

All surveys, scheduling, risks, evidence, and reporting is stored in one centralised location. This breaks away from the existing spreadsheet and document based disparate model, allowing our customers to collaborate quickly and more effectively with third parties and suppliers, reducing time to market and unnecessary effort.

Automated Risk monitoring and reporting

The 3GRC Risk Management Portal can be leveraged for internal discovery and risk management exercises as well as external due diligence for both third parties and suppliers.

Risk registers are automatically updated and created based on survey responses. This provides instant updates and live tracking of risk with standardised risk scores, allowing the organisation to focus on remediation.

Detailed reporting provides live visibility of trends and risks identified from surveys. This includes progression over time and categorisation of responders. The reporting is continually updated based on risk registers.


Risk Consultants and IT Security Experience

All employees within 3GRC come from an information security background, with the board of directors having previously set up a successful information security product and consultancy service company. This means the heritage of 3GRC is strongly based on experiences and challenges faced in the competitive and highly risk adverse information security sector. Combined, the board of directors have over 60 years of experience running successful dynamic companies, which meet customer expectations.

From our sales teams to our developers and consultants, 3GRC retains the principles of information security good practice, driving product development. This extends to ensuring that products remain topical, industry leading, and most importantly secure.

3GRC prides itself on maintaining a strong supporting consultancy team to drive and advise product development and implementation. This team has had broad experience in multiple sectors governing vendor management programmes from inception to maturity. All 3GRC consultants come from an ISO27001 audit and third party management background, and in turn understand the challenges and nuances of risk and vendor management.

Case Studies

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TBWA accelerates third party risk management and Sarbanes Oxley assessments through adopting 3GRC Risk Manager.

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Ageas Insurance in the UK had a requirement to improve and scale out their third party risk management process.

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