Cancer Research UK automate and centralise their supplier risk management

Cancer Research UK were struggling with their approach to supplier risk management and were looking for a company to support them with the identification and management of risks within their supply chain.

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Cancer Research UK

The world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research.

"3GRC have provided us with a scaleable, repeatable approach both in terms of efficiency and cost which really addresses the issues we were facing around our supplier risk management."

Malcolm Davies, Information Security and Assurance Specialist at Cancer Research UK said: “Our process for supplier risk management was manual which meant it was incredibly time consuming and notscalable for our needs. We had difficulties producingthe information that was needed for the businessand it was ultimately affecting our ability to remediaterisks. We needed an alternative approach to resolve these issues and we found 3GRC a solution to achieve this.”

3GRC’s cloud-based risk management platform provided a solution that allows Cancer Research UK to automate, simplify and centralise its process, while automatically scaling to meet the needs of the organisation. As a charity, Cancer ResearchUK has free of charge use of the 3GRC Platform, supplemented by 3GRC consulting services.

The 3GRC Platform includes a library of pre-defined assessments as well as the ability to create bespoke ones specific to Cancer Research UK. To reduce the amount of internal resource required, Cancer Research UK are able to schedule surveys with supplier notifications andautomated reassessments. Once an assessment has been completed, detailed risk registers are automatically generated. These can be easily exported and used within Cancer Research UK’s own reports, making it easier to share results internally. Built in discussion tools within the Platform can then be utilised to easily manage and mitigate risks.

As part of 3GRC’s Consulting Services, Cancer Research UK were appointed a dedicated pointof contact to manage initial configuration, provide regular updates and define a formal OperationsManual to assist in ongoing management of
the Platform.

Davies explains the benefits he experienced,
“We followed 3GRC’s recommended phased approach and found it helped simplify the initial implementation as well as ensuring the programmewill continue to work effectively. 3GRC have providedus with a scalable, repeatable approach both interms of efficiency and cost which really addressesthe issues we were facing around our supplier risk management.”

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