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3GRC Risk Manager is an industry leading versatile vendor risk management solution that provides benefits through business risk identification and remediation workflow. 3GRC Risk Manager is a cloud based surveying solution which automatically identifies risk and populates risk registers, driving remediation and compliance in a single location through a streamlined and user-friendly manner.

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Retail - The challenges

3GRC Risk Manager provides a centralised hub that enables retailers to standardise and simplify third party due diligence and ongoing monitoring.

Third party and supplier relationships are under growing scrutiny by regulators globally. As institutions increase reliance on third parties to deliver business critical processes and services, the complexity of risk identification and management also increases.

Retailers and brand manufactures face a multitude of risk, audit, compliance, and quality challenges at every stage and in every business aspect, including finance, supply chain, logistics, inventory handling, merchandising, real estate, marketing, and store operations. Data breaches and related IT risk and compliance issues have also become an important concern.

The implementation of effective and standardised operational risk management is now a mission critical area in retail. Data protection concerns, which have only increased with the ratification of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), continued increases in cyber security threats and an increasing regulatory focus have all combined to create a major challenge for retailers.

Retailers need a solution that can help identify and monitor potential third party and supply chain vulnerabilities, as well as assess them for good practice including compliance with PCI DSS and now GDPR.

The ability to assess and monitor third party risk is a key part of any operational risk strategy. As Retail organisations reliance on third parties to deliver business critical services and processes is greater than ever before, the complexity of managing the risk and oversight process intensifies.

Retail organisations rely on an array of external suppliers that provide technology, data, consulting and services to keep them ahead of their competition. In particular, competitive strength in media services today is to a large degree dependent on technology.

Case Studies

TBWA - Supply Chain Challenges

TBWA accelerates third party risk management and Sarbanes Oxley assessments through adopting 3GRC Risk Manager.

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Retail – How Does 3GRC Help?

3GRC Risk Manager provides a centralised hub that enables retailers to standardise and simplify the third party due diligence process.

With survey and risk content specifically designed and built to assist with meeting media requirements, 3GRC Risk Manager provides customers with content to address specific regulations including GDPR, PCI DSS and more.

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