UK universities are hacked within 2 hours during planned cyber-security testing

by Isabelle Wilding 9th April 2019 Blogs , Industry News

A recent test of UK university cyber defences found that hackers were able to access “high-value” information, such as personal data, finance systems, and research networks, within just two hours. A report into their effectiveness showed a 100% success rate in getting through their cyber-defences.

Universities and research centres hold large amounts of sensitive data and therefore are at a high risk of attack, with over 200 institutions reporting more than 1,000 attempts to steal data or disrupt services in the last year alone. Penetration tests or simulated attacks were carried out on more than 50 universities across the UK, highlighting their need to increase cyber-security knowledge and awareness.

3GRC are a CREST Approved Member, meaning we have completed and passed a rigorous assessment of business processes, data security, and security testing methodologies. Experienced 3GRC Consultants carry out detailed Penetration Tests, examining the current state of systems while also providing recommendations on how to improve defences, mitigate the threat of future attacks, and help achieve or maintain regulatory compliance.

3GRC provide Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS), delivering a continuous cycle of Penetration Testing combined with consultancy, remediation, vulnerability management, and Platform access, to protect and enhance your organisation’s security. A company’s risk landscape is constantly changing and therefore it is becoming inadequate to treat penetration tests as a one-off task. PTaaS ensures that the chance of unwelcome surprises is minimised.

Testing leverages the 3GRC Platform to ensure you have a live, organic record of Penetration Testing vulnerabilities and issues which can be updated over time to clearly demonstrate risk reduction, proactively chase remediation managers, and provide a single audit trail of activities.

The key benefits of 3GRC Penetration Testing Services are:

  • Identify any vulnerabilities in your organisation’s systems and infrastructure
  • Gain a full understanding of your estate in order to develop or maintain a robust cybersecurity policy
  • Reduce the threat of attack against your organisation
  • Achieve or maintain regulatory compliance
  • Advice and guidance on risk remediation
  • CREST Approved Member and Cyber Essentials certified for additional peace of mind

Contact us today for more information, or visit the PTaaS section of the website.



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