Platform Licensing

There’s no denying that traditionally risk and compliance management is perceived as complex, time-consuming and resource intensive. 3GRC recognised the difficulty of building an effective programme through manual processes and therefore developed a cloud-based Platform to simplify, streamline and automate the process, saving time and resources.

The 3GRC Platform is engineered to allow continuity between all aspects of risk and compliance management programmes, collating all necessary data into a single dashboard and repository. With many adaptable features and guidance tools, users are able to gain an accurate representation of potential risks.

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The 3GRC Approach

3GRC believe an effective risk and compliance programme incorporates all elements into one single view and therefore The Platform is not modularised, meaning users are able to access all content within The Platform at all times. This includes a library of over 50 pre-definedassessments with content to address GDPR, ISO 27001, FCA and The Modern Slavery Act. Content is regularly updated to ensure it is always in line with compliance changes and new regulations.

Based in our Security Operations Centre (SOC), our experienced team of Analysts and Consultants offer different levels of licensing to support The Platform’s implementation and success.

Licensing Programme Phases

There is a ten-step project plan followed by the Operations Team which is adapted specifically to your business in order to successfully manage the engagement:

Define Success Criteria and Agree Scope

Identification and Validation of Entities

Administration and Communication Configuration

Define and Validate Survey Content and Associated Risks

Entity on-boarding

Define and Review Submission Period

Validation of Responses and Survey Tuning

Operational Manual Definition and Sign-off

Operational Workflow Walkthrough

Business as Usual

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